CEP – Comms Enclosure Power has been in existence since 1985, established and successfully run by Julian Calved who has a passion for the industry. With both a local and international market for his products, one can see how well established CEP – Comms Enclosure Power is. Clients including: Johnson Controls, Air traffic and navigation services, Alcatel, Chubb systems, IBM, M-net, Etisalat, Telkom, Honeywell, Alec. Further to this, extensive work has been done for well known places in Dubai, such as BURJ KALIFA DUBAI, PALM ISLANDS DUBAI,  MARINA MALL DUBAI and RAS AL KAIMAH

CEP – Comms Enclosure Power supplies the following: 19 and 26″ cabinets, consoles, P.A systems, Fire evacuation systems, UPS, Kiosks, Server Racks and all accessories.